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Varicose Veins

Libby N.

Varicose Veins

One-by-one, the pain in Libby’s legs forced her to give up skiing, tennis, running, and biking.  When even taking a walk around her neighborhood became painful, this physically active 64 year old knew it was time to do something.

She suspected that her knees were to blame and a visit to her doctor confirmed that she would need a knee replacement.  However, she was surprised when her doctor said he didn’t want operate until she had her varicose veins taken care of.

Her doctor referred her to Lake Washington Vascular.

The doctors at Lake Washington Vascular discovered that Libby had varicose veins around her knees–including varicose veins that weren’t readily visible on the surface around her left knee and were probably causing some of the pain and discomfort that she had been attributing to her joints.

Libby’s treatment included endovenous laser ablation to eliminate her varicose veins, but her care at Lake Washington Vascular wasn’t limited to the procedure. Our specialists worked with Libby on a post care regimen which included compression stockings and follow-up visits to ensure she didn’t develop any significant complications.

Our vascular technologists discovered and monitored a small blood clot that, thankfully, resolved itself on its own.

After knee replacement surgery and her varicose veins procedure, Libby is getting her life back.  She’s walking 4 to 5 miles most days and is ready to get back into running.

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